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APPLICATION FOR SPECIFIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONS FOR PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE Claims Made Basis APPLICANT S INSTRUCTIONS 1. MASM 5018 02/10 Page 1 of 6 EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE Individual Applicant Only Institution Name and Address i ii Years of Training From To Degree or Certification Attained Where have you practiced your profession during the last ten years In From To Have you ever failed any professional licensing or specialty organization examination. Answer all questions. If the answer...
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Okay this is a follow-up from yesterday's video when I was discussing foam heads and displaying your masks and I just talked about foam filling for a minute and there's some questions regarding foam filling masks and the differences between the foam heads versus the foam fill and what not, so I will get into some of this right now, and hopefully I'll answer some questions somebody asked why isn't foam filling dangerous like the tyro heads shouldn't it affect it the same way and cause it to dry out the answer is no they are completely different I'm assuming it's the chemical makeup of whatever polystyrene does to the latex foam filling materials do not everybody I know in the Hobby that's a veteran mask collector have that as high-end pieces like this they will not hesitate to foam fill any of them it's pretty, pretty desired technique gravity is one of the biggest problems for a mask over time the masks will obviously just melt into a blob if they're sitting on a shelf or in a box you know you pull your masks out of an attic 20 years later it's ruined so if they're foamed properly not only does it help it from ever drooping again it keeps it completely solid like frozen in time, but a master foam filler can manipulate the mask while it's being foamed to keep that perfect shape it's very tough to foam fill a mask properly I only know one guy that can do it as well as these look how do we know foam filling isn't going to ruin the masks over time while foaming is not a new technique by any means this mask here is the only intact original Vern Langdon zombie from 1972 it's the only original paint original hair copy and this mask was foam filled in 1983 and if it wasn't foamed I don't think we would be looking at it today because it would surely be withered away to nothing probably melted there's a couple other copies out there in the world but one of them severely damaged, and it wasn't that foam foaming is pretty hard I think there's only a handful of people out there that can actually do it there is one guy who is the best hands down, and he foamed this zombie in 83 and actually foamed that Frankenstein on the right just a few weeks ago, but I can tell you he is not using that I would not even attempt to fill your masks with great stuff or any kind of expanding foam because I think if you go back in the morning and check on your mask it's gonna look like a basketball, so I wouldn't even mess with this stuff because the foam that appears to be in all of these masks it's slightly pliable I've worked with great stuff before, and it's it's very firm and dry when it's finished, so maybe there's people out there that can use it and are successful with it but if you're trying this for your first time I wouldn't even mess with that stuff and I personally do not know how to phone fill a mask it's something I want to learn and experiment with it this year so if I get it down I will post videos on how I did it I do know some guys that can foam only inside a...
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